Obviously with a new idea such as “Sounds Great” we receive many similar questions from students, and parents and music teachers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and our replies:

Q.1.     Does the Academy of Modern Music actually teach the syllabus?

Ans:    No, we are purely an examination body. The Sounds Great syllabus can be taught to you by your regular music teacher.

Q.2.     How do I enrol for your exams?

Ans:    The simplest way is to enrol through our website. Simply click on enrolment.   

Q.3.     Is there an actual grade book?

Ans:    Yes, we have a range of grade books for different musical instruments. And the best part of this is that they are actually free of charge when you enrol for your exam.

Q.4      When do you hold your exams?

Ans:    Typically exams are held three times a year. These would be in March, May and December.   

Q.5.     My child is currently studying classical music. Is it possible to change?

Ans:    Our Sounds Great syllabus allows for easy transition as the pieces and technical skills learnt at each grade level are the same skills learnt for classical grades. The only real difference is that Sounds Great students are studying contemporary pieces they know and love. However, there is nothing to prevent students from studying both if they so wish.

Music can change the world, because it can change people.
— Bono